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How to build a "smart city"
16:15, 29.05.2018г.

it is Clear that complex and the supernova things are consistent: from the simple and the most urgent to the complex, designed for refined tastes. It would seem that everything is simple, but in practice the implementation of this simple strategy res...

Александр Сашков
Wallet Ledger
The bitcoin Ledger in the movie "Ocean's Fourteen"
17:17, 28.05.2018г.

In a series of films about the ocean sophisticated good scammers always find a way to steal valuables or money from criminals. What if the new movie will involve cryptocurrencies? The main storyline will be the theft of bitcoins from some evil negati...

Александр Сашков
CoinJanitor will buy up the failed cryptocurrencies and recycle them
CoinJanitor and joining forces in the purification of the crypto world
10:48, 28.05.2018г. and signed a partnership agreement for the joint clearing of cryptocurrency. The collaboration will also allow services to complement each other, increase capacity and speed up the cleaning process of the market. This p...

Александр Сашков
Loans in cryptocurrency. Will survive a microcredit organization with the advent of the blockchain?
Microcredit organization VS. Blockchain. Loans in cryptocurrency
12:00, 27.05.2018г.

the Blockchain becomes the normal pattern, making many of them more convenient and efficient. Debt capital — is no exception. Only in Russia more than 60% of the working population has a Bank loans and number of loans in microcredit organizatio...

Александр Сашков
The secrets of successful marketing ICO
How to draw attention to his ICO
18:10, 24.05.2018г.

  ICO Mechanism has proved its effectiveness and is increasingly strong position in the world of Finance. This means that competition for investors ' money grows and to draw attention to each new project requires more effort. To succeed, a new ...

Александр Сашков
Technology will not worth it to forget
Underrated past: what kind of technology we have lost
18:15, 23.05.2018г.

do not you think that humanity every year rather degraded than it is? You want to prove? On a plane in the 70-ies of XX century was transferred Mimino (which Larisa Ivanovna want) from his helicopter airfield in the mountain village of Telavi? Where ...

Александр Сашков
Payback of mining on graphics cards 1080/1080 ti
Payback of mining on graphics cards 1080/1080 ti in 2018
16:00, 22.05.2018г.

mining is the Nvidia GTX 1080 is one of the most profitable, but are these cards more expensive than their competitors from the previous series. Despite this, until the end of April maximum Hasrat network Ethereum was only 25 Mh/s at 1080, and 35 Mh/...

Александр Сашков
Left a train of investment in cryptocurrency
The cryptocurrency train has left? It's time to catch up
17:00, 21.05.2018г.

Many would like to be in 2013 to jump on the accelerating train of bitcoin, but already fed up listening to: “If you bought a bitcoin for 1 dollar, today was a millionaire”. Yes, the train is gone, the ship has sailed, and after a fight w...

Александр Сашков