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"Yandex" has released a smart gadget
15:15, 29.05.2018

At the conference Yet another Conference 2018 «Yandex» announced the release of their first smart gadget that can be controlled through speech. It is connected to many online services, has a built-in voice assistant “Alice”....

The ATMs will allow bitcoin became more than 3 thousand
The number of cryptocurrency ATMs in the world has exceeded 3 thousand
14:30, 29.05.2018

Total number of ATMs, working with bitcoin, reached 3000. The result was possible thanks to the set daily for about 6 cars around the world. In may 2018 the total number of ATMs, offering users the possibility of making transactions with bitcoin, ...

Blockchain to help: Moscow lawyers and businessmen are actively exploring the market of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain
Lawyers and businessmen began to explore the market of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain
13:52, 29.05.2018

this helps them REU named after G. V. Plekhanov. 28 may leading University of the country in the State Duma opened the fourth thread of the program of additional education Lawyers Blockchain. “the Legal framework and legal practice working w...

Bithumb reduces the limit of output for anonymous
Bithumb reduces the limit of withdrawals for capturadora
13:15, 29.05.2018г.

Bithumb, one of the largest kryptomere South Korea announced a gradual reduction of the limit of withdrawals for all accounts whose owners have not confirmed his identity. the First phase is scheduled for 4 June and unconfirmed accounts will be re...

In the architecture of the Lighting network will add new features
Technology Lighting network will change
12:45, 29.05.2018

Network Lightning expected changes. This was announced by the developers. They are now looking for new architectural solutions. Though Lightning network helped to solve the problem of power the bitcoin blockchain, the developers are not stand...

California: on the West coast of the United States to sell the land for the crypt
In California for the cryptocurrency sell is 1.1 hectares of land
12:00, 29.05.2018

Close proximity to Silicon valley the plot is 0.11 sq. km worth $16 million, which can be purchased for any of the top 3 cryptocurrencies. the real estate company does Propy Inc. Firm specializiruetsya on international transactions. Land in Los Ga...

BTCC has decided to begin expansion outside of China
The oldest crypto currency exchange enters the world market
11:30, 29.05.2018

One of the oldest exchangers BTCC announced the launch of the new site, which will take place in June 2018. The main reason for the change was the desire to enter the world market. BTCC based in China. The company will provide an updated version o...

The Norwegian registered trademark Bitcoin
The London company had trademarked Bitcoin
10:00, 29.05.2018г.

has Become known that the British company ABC IPHoldings South West has registered a trademark called Bitcoin, and now the business gets the orders to ban on distribution of products with this symbolism. Registration was in the UK on December 22, ...