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Новости блокчейнSuccess in the world of cryptocurrencies accompanies only those who have all the latest information. In order to keep it always at your fingertips, we have created the blockchain news section. In it you can always find the latest news from the blockchain today.

Blockchain to help: Moscow lawyers and businessmen are actively exploring the market of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain
Lawyers and businessmen began to explore the market of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain
13:52, 29.05.2018

this helps them REU named after G. V. Plekhanov. 28 may leading University of the country in the State Duma opened the fourth thread of the program of additional education Lawyers Blockchain. “the Legal framework and legal practice working w...

In the Perm region plans to create a blockchain-center
Perm Krai can become one of the centers of blockchain developments in Russia
12:45, 25.05.2018

Perm Krai has attracted the attention of representatives of RAKIB. Territory could become a hub for experiments in the application of blockchain technology. Although the region and a lot of problems, many of them are in the field of public adminis...

"VympelCom" will realize your dreams with the help of the blockchain and cryptocurrency
11:45, 25.05.2018

At the SPIEF-2018 Vasil Latsanich, the General Director of “VympelCom”, said that the company with great enthusiasm looking at the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Vasil Latsanich also said that the technology will help to combine in the...

SKOLKOVO was held in the Russian Blockchain Week
In Russian Blockchain Week presented new ideas for business development
16:40, 24.05.2018г.

In Moscow innovation center «SKOLKOVO» completed a major exhibition-conference Russian Blockchain Week. More than 70 experts from different areas of cryptomeria talked about the legislative regulation of the blockchain and cryptocurrenc...

In Uganda, thinking about the early introduction of blockchain technology in the economy
The President of Uganda has criticized the inaction of the local Central Bank in respect of blockchain technology
12:45, 24.05.2018

the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, during the meeting at the conference Africa Blockchain, expressed his dissatisfaction with the work of the head of the Central Bank, Emmanuel mutebile Tumusiime, because of the inaction on the implementatio...

The blockchain will eradicate poverty in Tibet. So says Bank of China
In Tibet poverty win bloccano
13:36, 23.05.2018

Blockchain technology will fall into the arms of the Chinese authorities in the fight against poverty of Tibet. Current data in the form of a 12.4 per cent became a critical mark. Bank of China took the decision to use the blockchain to solve the ...

Azerbaijan blockchain: the government will support entrepreneurs
Company of Azerbaijan working on the blockchain, will get government support
10:45, 23.05.2018

Opportunities blockchain technology has attracted the gaze of the authorities of Azerbaijan. As a step to popularize the decision was made to consider supporting the companies working in this area, by providing a loyal conditions in financial and o...

In China most of the companies specializing in the blockchain
China is a leader in the integration of the blockchain in the economy
17:31, 21.05.2018г.

According to the report of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, of the 456 companies in the country engaged in the development and implementation of a blockchain technology in different areas of business. the Government ar...