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The Manager of The investment Fund on support for medical startups
The best projects - with their hands. Ekaterina Ryzhova on venture capital investment in medicine
17:30, 29.05.2018

Ekaterina Ryzhova many years was engaged in mergers and acquisitions in the pharmacy chain 36.6. She has two higher educations - medical and marketing. Since 2013 Ekaterina has been working in the venture capital market - management of investment of ...

CEO CarPrice Denis Dolmatov about new technologies on the market
Neural network, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence: how new technologies are changing the market
10:18, 28.05.2018

All the things which we use daily, are changing. Changed our homes, our clothes. Now, the main instrument of labour not a stick and not a shovel, a cell phone and a laptop. But the crazy changes — in the way of movement. Changing the technica...

Mr Simakov on mobile complex for mining
Business plan in the field of industrial mining: investment, profit and ROI
19:03, 25.05.2018

mining transformirovalsya: industrial mining displaces private “home” miners. Replaced unorganized production come big investors who mined the cryptocurrency in an industrial scale. There are companies offering services and equipment to b...

The digital economy and the Russian car industry. Boris Morozov talks about the success of KAMAZ
A quantum leap in digitization. Boris Morozov on new technologies of KAMAZ
18:03, 25.05.2018г.

«KAMAZ» — it is the pride of the Russian automobile industry, and we are happy for the victories of the Russian giant in the rally "Dakar». The head of analytical service of JSC «KAMAZ» Boris Morozov told Bi...

Dmitry Potapenko about the economic basis of life, the war and the modernization of Russia
The blockchain as an economic utopia. Dmitry Potapenko on why the dream does not depend on us
17:32, 25.05.2018

“the Economy must be economical — this is the demand of time”. This thesis was voiced by Leonid Brezhnev nearly 40 years ago, on one of congresses of the CPSU. During this time in Russia the managerial function of the state is stren...

How to build a business on remote educational services: example Skyeng
Top 20 most expensive companies of the Russian Internet: a success story Skyeng
17:21, 24.05.2018

this year's educational platform Skyeng entered the top 20 most expensive Internet projects of Russia according to Forbes. How to succeed in the market of educational services, to create a strong and productive team — in an interview with Ale...

To go to the ICO with the finished product — it's a good tone. Ilnur of Muchtv about cryptobytes and competition
Ilnur of Muchtv about how to make ICO for investors and create trading terminal for people
10:45, 24.05.2018

How to create a modern terminal for capturadora why competition helps the project and the importance of the availability of the product at the exit on ICO. Ilnur of Muhov, founder and head of startup Cryptorobotics, reveals all the cards of cryptob...

Denis Dosnow market regulation, the ICO in the Russian Federation and the fight against Scam projects
Denis Dosnow: "No regulation it is impossible to stop the crooks"
13:48, 21.05.2018г.

In 2017 ICO projects in Russia attracted investments in the amount of $300 million and $150 million of this amount went to skam-projects, according to RAKIB. According to some projections, in 2018 for the ICO will be able to collect $1-1.5 billion. T...