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Ilnur of Muchtv about how to make ICO for investors and create trading terminal for people


Ilnur of Muhov, project Manager Cryptorotics

How to create a modern terminal for capturadora why competition helps the project and the importance of the availability of the product at the exit on ICO. Ilnur of Muhov, founder and head of startup Cryptorobotics, reveals all the cards of cryptobytes.     


About the terminal

I traded in a different terminal, but when it's time cryptocurrency trading had separately on each crypto currency exchange. Dozens of open Windows kryptomere in the browser that is not adapted to the needs of the trader interface — trade occurred on a whim, almost at the knee. The idea arose: why not use the existing developments on the establishment of trading terminals for Forex and not to develop a similar platform for cryptocurrency trading?

We were doing it for themselves. We have to keep open several kryptomere in the browser — so, we need fast switching between exchanges. Working on Windows and Mac OS — okay, let's do a cross-platform terminal. How convenient to track the charts — subject to the technical indicators.

if Cryptorobotics will Bring to the market something new? We focus on artificial intelligence in trading and doing trading robots. But don't just create and sell them, but offer the traders a possibility to design trading programs. The robot designer will be available in September along with a marketplace where some traders will be to sell trading robots and others — to buy them.

By 2020, our artificial intelligence will develop an effective trading strategy and design of trading robots based on them.


About the market

We know that the idea is not unique and we have a lot of competitors. This is good: with other developers, we inculcate the culture of cryptocurrency trading through the terminal, because each terminal convenient is really necessary to market.

In this case, unlike many projects, delivering on ICO idea, we offer traders and investors with the finished product.


About ICO

the average ideas of POS terminals is collected at ICO $14–15 million, while only at the design stage. We were able to collect the terminal at his own expense and to the ICO rolled out a working alpha version. Now our main goal — to ensure the development of the project (development, promotion, technical support) for the next three years. So we have low hardcap — $5 million

it's transparent for investors. ROBO-tokens — the only means of payment for purchase of paid features of the platform. Now tokens are 0,000128 ETH. The issue is limited.

We are not trying to change the world and create a new reality. As Gotham needs a new hero, and the cryptocurrency market need a convenient tool for trading. For example, Cryptorobotics.

an alpha version of the terminal Cryptorobotics available for public user testing in may 2018. It already has a direct connection to multiple exchanges the workspace with customization, five kinds of display graphics, dozens of technical indicators, means of protection of the Deposit (stop loss, take profit, trailing stop), depth of market, and other standard tools of the trader.

interviewed by: Nikolay Kozhevnikov, photo: personal archive Ilnur Mujtaba